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Professional Association Management

Zzeem provides business resources, event management and management consultation for associations of all sizes. Whatever your size or budget, Zzeem has a custom, modular solution that is a perfect fit for your organization.

Back-Office Support

Short on in-house resources? We can build you a back office, and staff it for you.

Managed Services

Do you have some in-house resources but need to fill in the gaps? Our skilled team of professionals can add their expertise to your team.

Leadership Coaching

Searching for the professional skills that are known to drive winning service organizations? We can coach your Board Members and Leadership Teams to success.


Next Event In:  2 Days, August 23

Consumer Culture Invasion (Webinar)

The new reality of membership is that our members are consumers. We must focus both the mindset and service delivery model of the association to serve a transaction-oriented consumer mentality while retaining the feeling of belonging that supports member engagement and retention.

Join us for this informative webinar with Erin Roberts. Click here to register now.

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