Are You A Subject Matter Expert?

Is your intellectual property all in your head?

If your specialized knowledge is mostly in your head, Zzeem can help you. We work with successful coaches and consultants with expert knowledge who are ready to scale their businesses.

We take your brilliant concepts and turn them into highly professional learning products that you can use, license and sell.

You're a specialist and so are we. We provide you with a complete suite of products, tools and presentations that make you look like the high-end professional that you are. And better still, we give you something to sell other than yourself.

We're not just talking about packaging. Of course that's important and believe us, your materials will look great. But our product and content development is what will really knock your socks off.

You talk. We'll listen. And before you know it you'll have highly professional learning products that are uniquely yours.

Whether you need self-directed learning content or workshop content we transform your specialized knowledge into profit-generating learning tools.

Any topic, any format, any curriculum. We provide you with everything that you need to educate the people that you serve. Zzeem creates workshop programs and self-directed study programs both on-line and in print.

Your package includes:

  • Strategy & Organization for Your Curriculum
  • Tools and Materials for each learning program
  • Presentation Materials for workshops
  • Design, Development and Hosting for your on-line learning programs

"Self - Directed Online Learning - Tips for Subject Matter Experts".