Attract and Retain Members with Enhanced Member Services

As a membership organization, your success lies in the range and quality of services you provide for your members. Zzeem works with industry and professional associations like yours to strengthen member services, as well as increase revenue.

The Zzeem team of consultants shares a deep knowledge of not-for-profit membership organizations and the services they provide. We work closely with you to create an action plan that adds value to your association.

For membership organizations, member services typically fall into four areas:

  1. Events
  2. Professional Development and Certification
  3. Knowledge Products
  4. Government Relations and Issues Management

These elements provide four of the five pillars of sustainability for membership organizations.

  • How sustainable is your organization?

Our experience has led us to two areas of focus, to ensure the best return on your investment. Whether applied alone, or in combination, we can help you create more member value and income by helping you to create and deliver an irresistible value proposition to your members and to build a sustainable, high performance organization.

Building an Irresistible Value Proposition

  • We'll help you articulate the value proposition that resonates powerfully with your members.
  • We'll help you create a communications and marketing process to deliver on that value.

The value proposition of your organization is what makes your existing members renew each year and brings new members in the door. But many organizations have a fuzzy idea of their value proposition to their members.

In our 2015 benchmark survey we found out that less than a third of organizations surveyed were highly confident that their board members could clearly state their value proposition to a prospective member. If the board isn’t clear on the value proposition then who is?

Complete the Value Proposition Scorecard to see how you rank.

Building Sustainability

  • We'll help you develop the 5 Pillars of Sustainability – or strengthen the ones that you have
  • We'll help you to take your organization to the next level with the High Performance Transformation ProgramTM.

In over a decade of working with membership organizations we have found that successful associations have several attributes in common. This led us to develop the Sustainability Model for membership organizations. Organizations with all of the elements of this model thrive and grow – even in difficult economic conditions.

We use this model in our strategic work with membership organizations to identify areas of opportunity and growth.

This model forms the foundation of the High Performance Transformation ProgramTM. This proprietary program is custom-designed for membership organizations. Whether you are large or small this program transforms organizations to perform with strength at every level.

Member Services Workshop