Online Learning

Web 2.0 and social media have lead to a huge increase in inquiries regarding online learning. When this is little more than a powerpoint presentation it doesn’t hold people’s attention. Email and solitaire are more attractive distractions than the learning and the scheduling.

If you’re guilty of losing your audience’s attention it’s because you’re not stimulating their whole brain. People lose interest when all you do is deliver content, without making it interesting or stimulating. People need to apply what they have learned in order for it to sink in. They want an experience!

How do we get around this and actually provide useful information to your members, in a method which acknowledges their personal schedules?

We recommend a professionally produced learning experience that combines two major online learning tools – webinars and self directed online learning (SDOL). This is virtual learning delivered via an interactive website.

SDOL combines small learning chunks in digestible sizes, with a practical application quiz in each module, and the ability for users to access a growing toolbox to perform their role as they continue through the program.

Zzeem’s online learning program development is comprised of two elements: Consulting to determine how online learning fits in to your overall professional development strategy; and Construction of the program including a Pilot Test program for pre-delivery tuning. Your package includes module design, development and hosting for you online learning curriculum.

Consulting - Online Learning Roadmap and Action Plan

We begin with a Current Snapshot– This is a description of how you run your workshop programs now; identify the objectives you would like to accomplish with an online element and develop a Roadmap and Action plan.

Construction - Pilot Project and Program Rollout

The objective of the pilot project is to ensure that there is enough member demand for the service to justify further investment in the full program. The final step is a full suite of online learning modules.