Peer Groups

Peer groups are a hot topic at the moment, but what elements make for an effective peer group?

Peer groups are small groups of individuals with similar daily challenges. These programs typically focus on either peer mentoring or learning. The most effective and sustainable groups provide a combination of both.

Some organizations are using peer groups very effectively right now to attract members or generate revenue.

Our consultants have been in the peer group business for years. We know what works and what doesn’t. Combine our experience with your knowledge of your membership to create a highly successful, revenue-positive program.

Peer Group Roadmap and Action Plan

We work with you to identify your needs and constraints, and to develop an outline of the program content and delivery. Then we produce the action plan to implement your program.

Peer Group Implementation and Logistics

This detailed logistical design is a turn-key template to roll out your program immediately. Your package includes:

  • Costs & Pricing
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Program Rollout logistics
  • Program Maintenance Plan