Does your Professional Development Program Maximize Member Value?

The Zzeem team of expert consultants has helped many associations develop industry-leading Professional Development Programs that enhance member knowledge and skills, raise the profile of the organization and increase member revenue.

Using the Zzeem Professional Development Program Scorecard, we assess your current mix of member learning services, to highlight strengths and weaknesses.

Roadmap and Action Plan

In consultation with your executive team and your staff, we can help you establish what professional development mix will work best for you. Will it be Speakers, Workshops, Webinars, Peer Groups or self-directed Online Learning? Or maybe a powerful combination of several elements in an affordable package.

We’ll help you create a package that resonates with your members, and deepens their engagement with your organization. Then, with the pieces of the puzzle in place, we’ll work with you to develop a clear action plan, to roll out your new program.

Curriculum Design and Development

We can work with your subject matter experts to turn their specialized knowledge into learning tools for your organization. Any topic, any format, any curriculum. We provide you with everything that you need to educate the people that you serve, creating workshop and self-directed study programs both online and in print, including:

  • Strategy and Organization for Your Curriculum
  • Tools and Materials for each Learning Program
  • Presentation Materials for Workshops
  • Design, Development and Hosting for your Online Learning Programs
Professional Development Workshop