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Board Performance: Getting the Most From Your Top Team

If board performance is important to your organization you’ll want to attend this Zzeem Workshop. If you are a board member or an executive of an industry or professional organization, this Zzeem Workshop will help you discover the secrets to effective leadership in a not-for-profit environment. Add your name to our mailing list or call us at 416.410.5867 x101.

What did Participants say About This Workshop?

  • "Great speaker and presentation – excellent information"
  • "Great combination of content and networking supported by excellent documents – the time blew by"
  • "It was very relevant for me. I would recommend it to anyone in similar role."
  • "Handout and group interaction was excellent"

How did Participants Rate This Workshop?

  • Participants gave the workshop a score of 4.8 out of 5 (96%) for content, delivery, applicability and interactivity.
  • 100% of participants said they would recommend this workshop to their peers.

Do you Want to Accelerate Your Board's Performance?

You'll Learn...how to bring out the best in your board members
You'll Take Away...clear directions for improved collaboration and execution

In four steps, this Zzeem Workshop will equip you with the knowledge and tools that lead industry and professional organizations to success. Using an insightful training framework, known as the Trefasi Method™, our skilled facilitator will provide you with the foundation for increased board effectiveness.

One Identifying Your Objectives
  • What problems do you want to fix?
  • How will you and your membership benefit from a more effective management model?
Two Envisioning Your Ideal Future
  • How does your board perform in an ideal world?
Three Assessing Your Knowledge Needs
  • Where are the knowledge gaps that prevent you reaching peak efficiency?
  • When do you need to acquire this knowledge?
  • What learning style suits you best?
Four Creating Your Performance Plan
  • How to create the blueprint for improved collaboration and performance