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Professional Development Programs: How to Maximize Member Value and Revenue

If professional development is one of the services that you provide your members you’ll want to attend this Zzeem Workshop. Add your name to our mailing list or call us at 416.410.5867 x101.

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  • "Fabulous! Tremendous value-add. Very applicable"
  • "Interactive, intimate, relevant"
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  • Participants gave the workshop a score of 4.8 out of 5 (96%) for content, delivery and applicability
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Do you Want to Get More Value From Your Education Programs?

If you are a board member, or on the management team of a not-for-profit membership organization, secure your spot at our next Professional Development Workshop by adding your name to our mailing list or calling us at 416.410.5867 x101.

This Zzeem Workshop explores the three keys to building successful professional development programs. Using Zzeem’s Professional Development Scorecard, we’ll help you rate your educational and learning initiatives, and assess how they’re affecting your service and revenue levels. You’ll know immediately what’s working and what’s not. And you’ll find out what changes you need to make.

One Assessing Your Current Situation
  • Using Zzeem's Professional Development Scorecard, we’ll find out what's working well and where things could be better
Two Learning What's Best for Your Organization
  • Speakers, workshops, webinars, peer groups, self-directed online learning? What resonates with your members?
  • What resources do you need for each program, and how do you take the first step?
  • What can you do to attract more sponsorship?
  • How do successful organizations educate their members?
Three Preparing Your Action Plan
  • How to create a clear roadmap for effective learning