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Maximizing Sponsorship: How to Leverage Partner Relationships

If sponsorship is important to your organization you want to attend this Zzeem Workshop. If you are a board member, or on the management team of a membership organization, add your name to our mailing list or call us at 416.410.5867 x101.

What did Participants say About This Workshop?

  • "Excellent- Erin was very good, as were the materials"
  • "Timely and relevant"
  • "Excellent value to the consumer. Great information."
  • "I always take away something of value that I can use in my association"

How did Participants Rate This Workshop?

  • Participants gave the workshop a score of 4.9 out of 5 (98%) for content, delivery, applicability and interactivity
  • 100% of participants said they would recommend this workshop to their peers

Do you Want to Increase the Value of Your Sponsor Partnerships?

If you are a board member, or on the management team of a membership organization, secure your spot at our next Sponsorship Workshop by adding your name to our mailing list or calling us at 416.410.5867 x101.

This Zzeem Workshop explores the three keys to every successful sponsorship program.

One Assessing Your Current Partnerships
  • How strong are your sponsor relationships?
  • Are you missing valuable partnership opportunities?
Two Learning How to Present Your Value Proposition
  • How will a sponsor benefit from your partnership?
  • How much will sponsors pay for privileges?
  • How do you sharpen your image for prospective sponsors?
  • How do successful organizations attract sponsors?
Three Preparing Your Roadmap
  • How to map out a direct path to increased sponsor value