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A Strategic Solution to Limited Resources: Doing more with less - cost saving and enhanced member value

When resources are tight, you can’t afford to reduce member value. You need to find a way to do more with the resources that you have – without burning out your team.

You know that member satisfaction is critical to your organization’s sustainability.

  • Is your member satisfaction rate below 75%? If so, your organization is in the danger zone.
  • Do you have the resources to increase member satisfaction?

You're richer than you think...

You'll Learn...tips and tactics to eliminate wasted effort, automate time-consuming manual processes and deliver member value more effectively and efficiently.
You'll Learn...how to increase member satisfaction and make your organization more relevant
You'll Take Away...a prescription to attract and retain members while saving time and money.

This workshop is for CEOs and board members. You’ll find out proven tactics to leverage your existing resources while achieving high member satisfaction.