Zzeem Workshops for Board Members and Executives

We have created a powerful series of Zzeem Workshops, designed to help Board Members and Leadership Teams build successful service organizations. Our quarterly workshops explore the strategic skills required to:

How to Inform Your Board in 5 Minutes or Less

Doing more with less - cost saving and enhanced member value

Create your sustainability strategy – Leadership Series Part 1

Increase revenue from sponsors

Annual Benchmark Survey for Membership Organizations - Results for 2013

Increase member satisfaction and engagement

Get the most from your board members - Leadership Series Part 2

One Maximizing Sponsorship:
How to Leverage Partner Relationships

Do you Want to Increase the Value of Your Sponsor Partnerships?

You’ll Learn...how to package your organization to generate higher sponsor revenue
You’ll Take Away...a roadmap to create more effective sponsor relationships

Find out how to increase the value of your sponsor partnerships

Two Benchmark Survey for Membership Organizations:
Results for 2013

What did membership organizations say this year? What are the implications?

This annual survey of membership organizations was conducted in Q2-2013. Membership organizations are not-for-profit entities who have dues-paying members and whose primary activity is providing services to those members.

This workshop is exclusively for chairs and directors of organizations who participated in the survey. We will review the 2013 results and the implications for membership organizations this year. What are the trends in this unique business? What’s working and what isn’t?

Three Member Services:
What Have you Done for us Lately?

Do You Want to Deepen Your Relationships with Your Members?

You’ll Learn...how to kick-start your planning process
You’ll Take Away...a prescription to make your member value proposition irresistible

Learn more about improving your member services

Four Leadership Series Part 1:
The “Business End” of the Not for Profit

Do you Want to Leverage Your Resources and Increase Your Revenue?

You’ll Learn...how to provide more to your members without increasing costs
You’ll Take Away...an action plan to take your organization to the next level

Find out how to create your sustainability strategy

Five Leadership Series Part 2:
Board Performance - Getting the Most From Your Top Team

Do you Want to Accelerate Your Board’s Performance?

You’ll Learn...how to bring out the best in your board members
You’ll Take Away...clear directions for improved collaboration and execution

Find out how to fast-track your executive performance

Six A Strategic Solution to Limited Resources

You're richer than you think...

You’ll Learn...tips and tactics to eliminate wasted effort, automate time-consuming manual processes and deliver member value more effectively and efficiently.
You’ll Learn...how to increase member satisfaction and make your organization more relevant
You’ll Take Away...a prescription to attract and retain members while saving time and money

Find out how to do more with less