Erin Roberts


Erin Roberts is a Partner at Zzeem. A management consultant and expert in business process re-engineering, Erin enjoys working alongside not-for-profit executives as they lead their organizations to new levels of success.

An accomplished speaker and facilitator, Erin’s particular expertise is in the business of the membership association. In over a decade of working with membership organizations, Erin has observed that the not-for-profit organization is a business and must be operated in a business-oriented manner to be sustainable.

Prior to cofounding Zzeem, Erin was a director in the securities industry working with senior corporate and government executives.

Following her unexpected success in achieving first class honours in Grade 9 algebra, Erin went on to earn a Masters degree in Econometrics and the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Erin speaks to association executives and decision-makers on a variety of topics specifically related to their business.

  • Member Value Proposition
  • Member Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Sustainability
  • Non-dues Revenue
  • Board Efficiency
  • The High Performance Membership Organization

Testimonial from a recent seminar:

"... I'm not sure I have ever been to a seminar where someone delivered the material as seamlessly as you did. Your approach, your method of engagement and the quality of your presentation skills, to me were second to none. I have attended literally hundreds of these … seminars over the last 25 years and I can say with confidence that you are one of, if not the best presenter I have ever seen."

Erin Roberts presenting at the CSAE Trillium Summit from Zzeem Inc on Vimeo.

Erin Roberts interview with OREA from Zzeem Inc on Vimeo.