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WEBINAR May 15, 2019 Register Now

- Cat Herding 101: 5 tips for effective meeting facilitation

Do you sometimes feel you’re losing control of a meeting and don’t know how to keep it on track? It only takes one side conversation that takes a life of its own or one tenacious attendee to derail the focus of the entire group. Once you lose control, herding the cats can seem like an impossible task.

If you ever have to chair or facilitate meetings, join Erin Roberts to get 5 tips to help you become a cat herding champion.

WORKSHOP June 5, 2019 Register Now

- CSAE Trillium PDX Workshop: Small Associations Achieving Big Results

Presented by Erin Roberts, this session will feature case studies of small associations that are achieving big results with a focus on marketing, member recruitment, and non-members dues.

FORUM July 18, 2019 Register Now

- Engaging Associations Forum (July 17-19 in Ottawa, ON)

What is the High Performance Organization and how can it help my association? Get the answers to these and other important questions during this interactive session. Find out more about the 8 elements of the HPO and how they contribute to the sustainability of your association.

Event Management

Zzeem provides top of the line event management services.

Our team has in-depth knowledge and planning expertise for

  • large industry trade shows;
  • educational seminars, workshops and multi-day courses;
  • multi-day conferences and conventions; and
  • high profile galas and receptions.

We are experts in event execution!

We bring a strong complement of professional skills to support you, your exhibitors, sponsors, attendees and stakeholders ensuring every event is flawlessly executed.

We are more than event managers – we understand your association’s business and how event are an essential part of member value, financial success and organizational sustainability.

Zzeem provides creative, strategic, big picture advice and guidance, which it built into all deliverables. Our planning process is based on strong business practices and operations, year of experience and a vibrant industry network and focuses on ensuring a success for all.

We are committed to help organizations to deliver more, in a better way, to the people that they serve.

Subject Matter expertise includes:

  • Financial management including budget development, expense management; revenue generation, and reporting;
  • Venue and supplier relations including expertise in selection, negotiations, engagement and ‘partnership’ management for all event service providers;
  • Event and trade show management including program development, marketing and sales, materials production, tracking and reporting systems, stewardship, show services;
  • Sponsorship management including sponsor value propositions, architecture and collateral and positive relationship building;
  • Logistics oversight ensuring a seamless on-site experience through careful pre-planning and project management, thoughtful and documented controls, process and timelines, risk management, fulsome communications, and prioritizing the attendee and exhibitor experience;
  • Positive volunteer, committee and stakeholder relations.

With Zzeem, nothing falls through the cracks.

Partial quote:
I have been very impressed by the whole team at Zzeem. Our annual conference is the flagship of our charity’s programming, and Zzeem stepped in and took over the conference logistics on short notice and with great enthusiasm…. We have benefited from their expertise on a budgetary level and on a high-level strategic level.