Association Management for Membership Organizations

Does your organization operate with a working board and limited or no permanent staff?

As a volunteer board governing a member driven association you may be wondering if your association is operating as effectively as it could be. You’re dealing with governance and this doesn’t allow you to spend time optimizing the back office.

In fact, your existing resources may not even bring the breadth and depth of skills needed to challenge the status quo. The reality is that many boards don’t even know what is being overlooked.

Zzeem offers complete operational management and back-office support for industry and professional associations like yours. We can also manage your existing service provider relationships. Just think of us as your invisible, affordable corporate team. Find out more about association management firms and what they do.

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What do you need?

Need back-office support?

Our affordable support packages meet all of your needs. In addition to the services that you need and expect, all of our packages include:

  • Web-based membership management software
  • Document management software
  • Your own telephone line and email addresses

Need to reduce costs?

  • Outsource your back office for less than the cost of one employee
  • We work on a fixed monthly price so you have no surprises

A team of professionals for less than the cost of a single employee

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals with a wealth of industry experience. You have direct access to an entire professional team, all for a price that is lower than hiring a single staffer.

  1. Membership manager
  2. Event manager
  3. Webmaster, web developer
  4. Chartered accountant, bookkeeper
  5. Management consultants

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Here's what our clients say:

"Zzeem's quality of service is off the charts. Zzeem is a group of expert consultants dedicated to making not-for-profits thrive. The intellectual caliber of the partners enables them to give strategic advice usually not available, at least not at a reasonable rate. I recommend Zzeem to any organization looking for sophisticated advice above and beyond routine service..."

"... Zzeem has an outstanding back office with a team that's large enough to ensure nothing falls through the cracks when someone is busy or away from the office. They anticipate our needs and address them before we even have to ask. ...Zzeem is a top choice for ... any organization looking for utterly reliable back office support."

"Zzeem ensures that we're running our business properly in every sense of the word. They play a vital role in our strategic efforts, going far beyond what we ask of them..."

"I would absolutely recommend Zzeem to anybody else...Zzeem has the right skill set, strong organizational skills, and the background in non-profits that we need..."

Let's find out how we can help you get there faster.