Work with Zzeem to Generate Revenue From Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a great source of non-dues revenue. Whether you’re starting a sponsorship program for the first time, or have a long history of sponsor partnerships, Zzeem has the knowledge and experience to create a unique package of strategies to suit your goals and achieve your revenue targets.

To give you an idea of our services, we’ve put together a list of the kind of Zzeem sponsorship tools we’ve created for other industry and professional associations. It’s just a guideline, because neither the intent nor the result of our services is ever the same twice. Every membership organization has a different set of needs. Come to us for a single service or a cost-effective package of complementary strategies. The choice is yours.

Sponsorship Roadmap and Action Plan

Following a comprehensive discovery exercise, Zzeem will deliver a Roadmap, aimed at increasing the value of your sponsor relationships. It includes these elements:

Current Snapshot

A description of how to run your sponsorship program now

Future Snapshot

A description of where you want to take this program in the next 2-3 years


The resource and business processes that are needed to close the gap

Action Plan

A list of actions that need to be accomplished to implement the Roadmap

Sponsorship Program Support System

Sponsorship Offering Proposal

This is a document that you can use to market your membership organization to sponsor candidates. This summary of your sponsorship offering includes details of the value of your offering, the cost to the sponsor and the terms of engagement.

Marketing Executing System

This is a structured, professional set of marketing and delivery procedures to attract and retain your sponsors. Zzeem has developed a strategic system that generates a chronological activity list for use by all team members involved in the sponsorship marketing process. This ensures that all staff can collaborate effectively, are motivated to deliver results and are accountable for their actions.

Sponsorship Policies and Proceedures

Zzeem will provide you with a Sponsorship Manual that includes a statement of the organizational policies governing your sponsorship offering, and the procedures that make up the sponsor partnership process. This will ensure adherence to existing organizational policies, the mission of the organization, consistency across the organizational spectrum and sufficient flexibility to provide for innovation and improvement.

This comprehensive manual also contains a structured, professional set of marketing and delivery procedures.

Resources and Collateral

Zzeem can provide additional resources and collateral to support your sponsorship process, including full production of delivery-ready materials. Our services include copywriting and creative design, and we produce all materials with a consistent look and feel to support the highly professional image of your organization. We can offer you a full range of print, digital and web production services. Here are some examples of other marketing services we provide. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us and let us know how we can help you:

  • Email Templates and Phone Scripts – To ensure a consistent, professional image when executing your sponsorship process
  • PowerPoint Presentation – For in-person meetings and website downloads, to highlight your sponsorship offerings and value
  • Website Redesigns and Upgrades – Design, development and hosting services. We can redesign an entire site, or simply upgrade pages as necessary


Zzeem Methodology

Prior to your project, we will provide you with a fixed-price proposal that clearly specifies deliverables, roles and responsibilities, work plan and fees. If you wish to proceed with the project, we will provide a contract and non-disclosure agreement.

During the project, we use a multi-phase approach, with each segment building on the previous one. In each phase, following interviews with informants, we create a draft of the deliverables for review, revisions and sign-off by you. We then produce the final version of the deliverable and move to the next phase once you are completely happy with the outcome of the current one. This provides a risk-free assurance that your needs for the project will be met.

Hear what people think:

“Zzeem worked with us a true partner and it felt like they were an extension of the team. It was never “your members” it was “our members”. Our goal was to increase the value and range of out sponsorship and partner relationships. But first we needed a roadmap and strategy in terms of our resources and business processes to close the gap between current and future. In this regard Zzeem delivered on all fronts.”

Cindy Gonsalves – Consulting Engineers of Ontario