Increase Member Recruitment to Generate Revenue

As a membership organization, you compete with other non-profit industry and professional associations to attract members. It’s a challenging environment that requires you to be responsive, inventive and quick to market. To achieve leadership, you need to demonstrate clear, substantive and sustainable value to your subscribers.

Zzeem has worked with many organizations like yours to create the image, the programs, the systems and the culture that drive member recruitment. From the initial discovery exercise to the final action plan, we’ll work closely with you to expand your membership base.


Value Proposition

Before advising you, we start by clarifying your existing challenges, as well as your immediate and future goals. We then work with you to articulate the clear value proposition you provide to your members.

Membership Offering

You will use this concise description of your value proposition and pricing when marketing the benefits of membership to new prospects. You can also use it on your website and in print publications.

Zzeem Methodology – Why Us?

Prior to your project, we will provide you with a fixed-price proposal that clearly specifies deliverables, roles and responsibilities, work plan and fees. If you wish to proceed with the project, we will provide a contract and non-disclosure agreement.

During the project, we use a multi-phase approach, with each segment building on the previous one. In each phase, following interviews with informants, we create a draft of the deliverables for review, revisions and sign-off by you. We then produce the final version of the deliverable and move to the next phase once you are completely happy with the outcome of the current one. This provides a risk-free assurance that your needs for the project will be met.