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Leadership Support Program

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    Boards perform much more effectively when their leaders have the support resources to give them a high level of confidence in the execution of their role.

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    Often officers take on their leadership roles with little experience.
    It takes time for them to get up to speed.

    This is particularly challenging when the Chair has a short term of service. Just as they are hitting their stride, they hand over the role to a new Chair who must go through the same learning curve.

    The Leadership Support Program helps directors and officers get up to speed quickly with a custom training program.

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    The Leadership Support Program builds confidence and accelerates leadership growth in a confidential, supportive environment.

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    Often the strategic plan sits on the shelf. Progress on the big picture gets lost in the day-to-day. The Leadership Support Program keeps the board focused on the Plan – ensuring you see results.

Hear what people think:

“It has been a very positive experience working with Zzeem both for myself and my board. I have noticed a real difference in terms of the board’s professionalism and understanding of their roles. I highly recommend Zzeem’s Leadership Support program to everyone. We got our ROI. It’s absolutely worth spending the money. It was very helpful to have Erin as a resource to speak to on a 1:1 basis. She was always there as a trusted advisor.”

Nancy Allan – Independent Financial Brokers of Canada (IFBC)