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I just read a very interesting article written by an ex-Microsoft employee. In it he identifies seven points related to the Microsoft Culture which need focus. I implore you to read this, and think about the impact on your organization. You may find yourself rubbing your chin in thought.

  1. Say “Yes” instead of “No” and support someone’s wild, unusual, different idea. No is easy. Yes is difficult, and perhaps better.
  2. Try. Failure should be supported for the learning it provides.
  3. Vision is a long term thing. Vision can guide you over the inevitable speed bumps. Give up on vision and those bumps become insurmountable.
  4. Sniping and negative comments are a cancer in any organization.
  5. Staff alignment. Managers and product masters are not the same. Not every great product person is a great manager. And not every great coach is a great product person.
  6. Being diverse means rewarding and encouraging different paths to success. It doesn’t relate to race, sex or religion. It relates to different ways of thinking.
  7. Managers should be invisible. Their job is to clear the way for their talented team to do its job and making sure their employees are getting recognition and credit.

So take a few minutes; grab your relaxing beverage of choice; fire up the tablet and check out seven-things-satya-nadella-should-do-next-to-truly-change-microsofts-culture/