In the dynamic world of associations, change is constant. From shifting demographics to emerging technologies, association leaders must adapt to survive in a post-COVID world. Join Erin Roberts, partner at Zzeem and veteran association executive, as she interviews Gerald Bramm, President of Bramm Research, on the most important insights revealed by CSAE’s 2024 Membership Trends Report, in Zzeem’s latest webinar.

One crucial aspect of association management covered in the webinar interview is member retention. While attracting new members is important, retaining existing ones is equally—if not more—critical. Association executives have emphasized the need to provide ongoing value to current members, ensuring they feel engaged and supported.

Understanding why members choose not to renew their memberships is key to addressing retention issues. Survey data suggests that perceptions of value, career transitions, and evolving member demographics play significant roles in membership retention. For associations, this underscores the importance of continually evaluating and adapting their member value proposition to meet the evolving needs of their members.

Another area of focus in Erin and Gerald’s discussion is member engagement. Associations are exploring various methods to track and improve member engagement, ranging from traditional metrics like event attendance to newer indicators such as social media interactions. The goal is to foster meaningful connections with members, driving increased participation and satisfaction.

As associations navigate these challenges, they are also reevaluating their revenue streams. While membership dues remain a significant source of income for many associations, diversifying revenue streams through avenues like conferences, sponsorships, and educational offerings is becoming increasingly important. Associations are exploring new models and pricing strategies to maximize revenue while delivering value to members and stakeholders.

Furthermore, associations are rethinking their membership models to better align with changing member needs and preferences. Whether through tiered pricing structures or streamlined membership categories, associations are seeking ways to enhance the membership experience and attract new members.

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