In the world of association governance, effective Meeting Facilitation requires the facilitator to be something of a paradox. Imagine them as both the conductor of a symphony orchestra and its head stagehand. Just as a conductor must skillfully manage the various sections of their orchestra and ensure harmony of interpretation, so too must a meeting facilitator guide discussion, balance differing opinions, and drive consensus.

However, at the same that a meeting facilitator leads “from the front,” they also lead “from behind.” Like a stagehand, they work behind the scenes, preparing materials, coordinating logistics, and generally setting the stage for the “performers.”

With many years of association executive experience under their belts, Erin Roberts and Asif Ahmed are masters of orchestrating Committee and Board meetings, as well as Annual General Meetings. Coming together for Zzeem’s December 11th webinar entitled, “How to Effectively Facilitate Board and Committee Meetings,” Erin and Asif provide valuable guidance on how to seamlessly blend the roles of conductor and stagehand as an effective and efficient meeting facilitator.

In the webinar, Erin and Asif dive into the following topics:

  • The Role of the Facilitator: Understanding the role of a facilitator in ensuring efficiency and creating consensus among participants while remaining neutral.
  • Before You Start: Setting clear expectations, defining the meeting’s end goal, and ensuring that agenda items are well-defined.
  • Supporting the Chair: Exploring the facilitator’s role in prompting, directing, and alerting the Chair without taking over the meeting.
  • Onsite Logistics: “Setting the table” for meetings.
  • Onsite Outcome: Establishing expected outcomes and ensuring everyone is on board with meeting deliverables.

Take your meeting facilitation to the next level and watch the recording for Zzeem’s December 2023 webinar, “How to Effectively Facilitate Board and Committee Meetings,” here.